24th May 2012, was the last day for Teacher Nazirah Adilah binti Shamsul Bahari.  She started teaching in SK Kuala Berang in February, replacing Teacher Adelina Hannani Abdullah who went for a 14 weeks course in BTPN Terengganu.  At first, teaching is a new thing for Teacher Nazirah but it became better day after day.  What else she was also one of the students from UPSI who are still waiting to be posted.
14 weeks in SK Kuala Berang was not a short time.  For all the time, she had contributed so much to our school especially in English as she was replacing an English teacher.  She participated actively in the English Panel's activities and gave her full commitment in any activities carried out.
From the English Panel, we thank you very much, Teacher Nazirah.  Hope that He will give you the best in your personal life and in teaching.  Wishing you all the best and once again THANK YOU !!!

Headmaster, Sir Ahmad Fuad, delivered his speech

Teacher Nazirah delivered her speech on the last day during the assembly

Headmaster, Sir Ahmad Fuad gave away token of appreciation to Teacher Nazirah

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