Smart English Yayasan Diraja Sultan Mizan for Hulu Terengganu District Level was held on 20th of June 2012 at SK Pasir Tinggi.  There were eight schools competed in the competition representing their respective zone.  One of the English teacher from SK Kuala Berang was appointed to be a judge and she is Puan Noor Fadzilah binti Ali.  this was the second year for her to be appointed as a judge.  The picture below is the picture of judges for the competition.

Standing :  Sir Gaddafi, Sir Azam, Teacher Rosehaza, Teacher Norhayati, Teacher Noor Fadzilah, Teacher Hamidah. Teacher Idayu
Sitting :  Teacher Roslina, Puan Suriati ( Pegawai Khas Ko-Akademik PPDHT ), Sir Adnan, Tuan Haji Shafruddin ( PPDHT ), Sir Sharil ( GPK KO SK Pasir Tinggi ), Sir Nasaruddin


Started on 17th of July to 19th of July, two teachers from SK Kuala Berang, Puan Noor Fadzilah Ali and Puan Rohana Abu Bakar were very lucky to have chance to participate in the NIE workshop carried out by the TNB as a GLC involved under PINTAR foundation.
The workshop was held at Kondominium Peranginan TNB in Port Dickson.  Throughout the workshop, all the participants were exposed to the usage of the News Straits Times and the School Times.  It was a very useful course as it was something to do with teaching and learning process everyday.  Below are few pictures during the workshop.